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Justice has a new name in the city streets.

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In the action-packed thriller film The Roundup: Punishment, Ma Dong-seok excels as a tough detective who sets out to bring justice to the crime-infested city. As he delves deeper into the criminal underground, he faces moral dilemmas and dangerous adversaries. With heart-pounding fight sequences and a riveting storyline, the movie explores themes of redemption, sacrifice, and the complexities of the law. The intense cat-and-mouse chase keeps viewers on the edge of their seats while showcasing Ma Dong-seok's exceptional acting and charismatic presence. Directed with precision and style, The Roundup: Punishment grips the audience from start to finish, delivering a thrilling cinematic experience.


  • Ma Dong-seok

    Ma Dong-seok

    Ma Seok-do

  • Kim Moo-yul

    Kim Moo-yul

    Baek Chang-gi

  • Park Ji-hwan

    Park Ji-hwan

    Jang I-soo

  • Lee Dong-hwi

    Lee Dong-hwi

    Jang Dong-cheol

  • Lee Ju-bin

    Lee Ju-bin

    Han Ji-su

  • Lee Beom-soo

    Lee Beom-soo

    Jang Tae-su


The Roundup: Punishment has garnered critical acclaim for its high-octane action, engaging storyline, and stellar performances. Rotten Tomatoes rates the movie at an impressive 89%, praising its adrenaline-fueled sequences and Ma Dong-seok's commanding presence on screen. IMDb rates the film at 6.9/10, with viewers appreciating its intense narrative and well-executed fight scenes. Metacritic describes The Roundup: Punishment as a must-watch for fans of the genre, citing its gritty realism and dynamic character development. Overall, critics laud the movie for its gripping plot twists, well-choreographed action, and compelling emotional depth.

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