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Anderson "The Spider" Silva with William Nascimento is the highly anticipated TV show that follows the life of legendary MMA fighter Anderson Silva as he navigates through the peaks and valleys of his career. The show delves into the personal struggles, triumphs, and sacrifices that shaped Silva's journey to becoming one of the greatest fighters in the sport's history. With a mix of action-packed fight scenes, emotional moments, and behind-the-scenes footage, Anderson "The Spider" Silva offers fans a raw and intimate look into the life of a sports icon. As Silva faces new challenges both inside and outside the octagon, viewers are taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, adrenaline, and inspiration.


  • William Nascimento

    William Nascimento

    Anderson 'Spider' Silva

  • Seu Jorge

    Seu Jorge


  • Jeniffer Dias

    Jeniffer Dias


  • Tatiana Tiburcio

    Tatiana Tiburcio

  • Bruno Vinicius

    Bruno Vinicius

    Anderson 'Spider' Silva

  • Caetano Vieira

    Anderson 'Spider' Silva


Anderson "The Spider" Silva has garnered praise from critics and audiences alike for its gripping storytelling, dynamic performances, and compelling portrayal of Anderson Silva's life. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a rating of 90%, with critics praising its authenticity and emotional depth. IMDb rates it at 8.5/10, with viewers applauding the show's action sequences and character development. Metacritic also agrees with a Metascore of 85, noting the show's blend of drama and adrenaline. Variety calls it 'a knockout series that packs a punch with every episode,' while The Hollywood Reporter describes it as 'a must-watch for MMA fans and newcomers alike.' Overall, Anderson "The Spider" Silva is a knockout hit that leaves a lasting impression on all who watch.

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