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Challengers follows the inspirational journey of a young aspiring gymnast, played by Zendaya, as she navigates through personal challenges and grueling competitions to achieve her dreams of Olympic gold. With unwavering determination and the support of her dedicated coach and teammates, she overcomes setbacks, faces fierce competition, and discovers the true meaning of perseverance. The film captures the emotional highs and lows of elite gymnastics, highlighting themes of friendship, sacrifice, and the pursuit of excellence. Zendaya's powerful performance and the authentic portrayal of the intense world of gymnastics make Challengers a captivating and inspiring cinematic experience.


  • Zendaya


    Tashi Donaldson

  • Mike Faist

    Mike Faist

    Art Donaldson

  • Josh O'Connor

    Josh O'Connor

    Patrick Zweig

  • Darnell Appling

    Darnell Appling

    Umpire (New Rochelle Final)

  • Bryan Doo

    Bryan Doo

    Art's Physiotherapist

  • Shane T Harris

    Shane T Harris

    Art's Security Guard


Critics are raving about Zendaya's performance in Challengers. Rotten Tomatoes praises the film for its compelling storyline and Zendaya's remarkable portrayal of a young gymnast facing formidable odds. IMDb rates Challengers as a must-watch, commending the movie's engaging narrative and authentic depiction of the sport. Metacritic applauds the film for its emotional depth and powerful message of resilience. Overall, Challengers has received widespread acclaim for its stellar performances, impactful storytelling, and breathtaking gymnastics sequences. Viewers are left inspired and moved by this heartfelt and motivational sports drama.

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