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Expats follows the lives of a group of American women living in a picturesque but unfamiliar Swiss village. Guided by their determination to adapt to a new culture, they navigate through personal and professional challenges, forming unexpected bonds along the way. As they struggle to redefine themselves in this foreign setting, secrets are revealed, relationships are tested, and the lure of their old lives back in the United States beckons. Led by the brilliant performance of Nicole Kidman as the lead expatriate, the show takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster filled with friendship, love, and self-discovery.


  • Nicole Kidman

    Nicole Kidman


  • Sarayu Blue

    Sarayu Blue

    Hilary Starr

  • Ji-young Yoo

    Ji-young Yoo


  • Brian Tee

    Brian Tee


  • Tiana Gowen

    Tiana Gowen

    Daisy Woo

  • Bodhi del Rosario

    Bodhi del Rosario

    Philip Woo


Expats has been described as a captivating and heartfelt portrayal of expat life, showcasing the complexities and joys of living abroad. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a solid rating of 85%, affirming its compelling storyline and strong character development. IMDb users have praised the show for its excellent cinematography, engaging plot twists, and exceptional performances by the talented cast. Metacritic has lauded Expats for its authentic portrayal of cultural differences and the universal themes of connection and identity. Critics have noted that the show's exploration of relationships and personal growth resonates with viewers of all backgrounds, making it a must-watch for those seeking a mix of drama and sincere storytelling.

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