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Cute creatures meet gruesome fates in Happy Tree Friends

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Happy Tree Friends is an animated series created by Kenn Navarro that aired in 1999. Set in the fictional world of the Happy Tree Friends, the show follows a group of adorable woodland creatures who experience unexpectedly gruesome and often fatal accidents in seemingly innocent situations. With a dark sense of humor and gory slapstick violence, the show presents a juxtaposition of cute characters and graphic violence that has captivated audiences worldwide. Each episode is a collection of short sketches showcasing the characters' misfortunes, making it a cult classic among animation enthusiasts.


  • Kenn Navarro

    Cuddles / Lifty / Shifty (voice)

  • Ellen Connell

    Giggles / Petunia / Cub (voice)

  • Aubrey Ankrum

    Flippy / Pop (voice)

  • David Winn

    Lumpy / Splendid (voice)

  • Warren Graff

    Toothy / Handy (voice)

  • Michael 'Lippy' Lipman

    Nutty (voice)


Happy Tree Friends has garnered a cult following for its unique blend of cute animation and dark humor. Rotten Tomatoes rates the show 4 out of 5, applauding its creative storytelling and irreverent take on traditional animated series. IMDb reviewers give it a solid 8 out of 10, praising its originality and ability to keep viewers engaged despite its macabre content. Metacritic users have awarded the show a favorable score of 80, highlighting its innovative approach to adult-themed animation. Despite its controversial nature, Happy Tree Friends continues to entertain fans around the world with its twisted and entertaining episodes.

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