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In Inside Out 2, we follow the beloved emotions of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust as they navigate new challenges in the mind of Riley, now a young adult facing the complexities of adulthood. Joy and Sadness embark on a journey to rediscover inner balance and harmony, leading to heartwarming revelations and unexpected twists. As the emotional turmoil unfolds, viewers are taken on a captivating adventure that explores the intricacies of growing up and maintaining emotional well-being. Filled with humor, touching moments, and profound lessons, Inside Out 2 is a poignant tale that resonates with audiences of all ages.


  • Amy Poehler

    Amy Poehler

    Joy (voice)

  • Maya Hawke

    Maya Hawke

    Anxiety (voice)

  • Kensington Tallman

    Kensington Tallman

    Riley (voice)

  • Liza Lapira

    Liza Lapira

    Disgust (voice)

  • Phyllis Smith

    Phyllis Smith

    Sadness (voice)

  • Lewis Black

    Lewis Black

    Anger (voice)


Inside Out 2 has garnered acclaim from critics across various platforms. IMDb gives it a solid 8.0/10 rating, highlighting the film's ability to seamlessly blend humor and emotional depth. Rotten Tomatoes also lauds the movie with a remarkable 92% approval rating, praising its engaging storyline and stunning animation. Metacritic describes the sequel as a 'visually stunning and emotionally resonant masterpiece' that surpasses the original in terms of storytelling and character development. Audiences and critics alike have praised Amy Poehler's reprisal of Joy and the film's timely exploration of mental health and personal growth. Inside Out 2 is a triumph that captures the essence of human experience with creativity and sensitivity.

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