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Judge Dee's Mystery

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Judge Dee's Mystery is a gripping detective drama that follows the renowned investigator Judge Dee, played brilliantly by Zhou Yiwei, as he unravels complex and intriguing mysteries in ancient China. Set in the Tang Dynasty, the series showcases Judge Dee's exceptional deductive skills, keen intellect, and unwavering sense of justice as he navigates the treacherous political landscape to solve baffling cases. Each episode presents a new challenge for Judge Dee, shedding light on the intricate web of deceit, betrayal, and secrets that lurk beneath the surface of society. As the mysteries deepen, Judge Dee must confront his own past and inner demons while delivering justice with unwavering determination.


  • Zhou Yiwei

    Zhou Yiwei

    Di Renjie

  • Wang Likun

    Wang Likun

    Cao An

  • Zhong Chuxi

    Zhong Chuxi

    Empress Wu

  • Ling Zi

    Ling Zi

    Ma Rong

  • Ta Ji

    Ta Ji

    Qiao Tai

  • You Yongzhi

    You Yongzhi

    Hong Liang

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