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Marvel's Inhumans follows the royal family of the genetically enhanced race known as the Inhumans, who escape to Earth to save their civilization and way of life. The show explores themes of loyalty, power struggles, and the search for identity, as the Inhumans navigate a world they are unfamiliar with. Led by Black Bolt, whose voice can cause destruction, the Inhumans must unite to protect themselves from various threats, including their own internal conflicts. With a mix of action, drama, and intrigue, Marvel's Inhumans showcases the struggles and challenges faced by this unique group of characters as they strive to find their place in the world.


  • Anson Mount

    Anson Mount

    Blackagar Boltagon / Black Bolt

  • Serinda Swan

    Serinda Swan

    Medusalith Amaquelin / Medusa

  • Iwan Rheon

    Iwan Rheon

    Maximus Boltagon

  • Isabelle Cornish

    Isabelle Cornish

    Crystalia Amaquelin / Crystal

  • Ken Leung

    Ken Leung

    Karnak Mander-Azur / Karnak

  • Eme Ikwuakor

    Eme Ikwuakor

    Gorgon Petragon / Gorgon


Marvel's Inhumans received mixed reviews from critics upon its release. While some praised the unique premise and visually stunning effects, others criticized the pacing and character development. Rotten Tomatoes gave the show a rating of 11% based on reviews, with the consensus stating that Marvel's Inhumans "squanders the potential its source material provides". Similarly, IMDb users rated the show 5.0/10, with some users pointing out the uneven storytelling and lackluster performances. Metacritic gave Marvel's Inhumans a score of 27 out of 100, with critics highlighting the show's lack of depth and emotional resonance. Overall, the general consensus is that Marvel's Inhumans falls short of the high expectations set by other Marvel properties.

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