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Naruto, the Japanese anime series that captivated audiences worldwide, tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja with a dream of becoming the strongest ninja and eventually the leader of his village. Set in a world full of mystical creatures and powerful warriors, Naruto faces various challenges, battles, and personal growth as he strives to achieve his dream and protect his loved ones. With themes of friendship, perseverance, and redemption, Naruto takes viewers on an emotional and action-packed journey filled with excitement, humor, and heartwarming moments.


  • Junko Takeuchi

    Junko Takeuchi

    Naruto Uzumaki (voice)

  • Noriaki Sugiyama

    Noriaki Sugiyama

    Sasuke Uchiha (voice)

  • Chie Nakamura

    Chie Nakamura

    Sakura Haruno (voice)

  • Kazuhiko Inoue

    Kazuhiko Inoue

    Kakashi Hatake (voice)

  • Hidekatsu Shibata

    Hidekatsu Shibata

    Hiruzen Sarutobi (3ยบ Hokage) (voice)

  • Koichi Tochika

    Koichi Tochika

    Neji Hyuga (voice)


Naruto has received critical acclaim for its compelling storyline, strong character development, and intense action sequences. Rotten Tomatoes praises the series for its 'engaging plot arcs and well-rounded characters,' giving it a rating of 4.5/5. IMDb users rave about its 'epic battles' and 'emotional depth,' rating it 9/10. Metacritic lauds Naruto for its 'endearing protagonist' and 'impactful themes,' awarding it a score of 90/100. Fans and critics alike appreciate the show's blend of humor, drama, and moral lessons, making it a standout in the anime genre.

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