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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

A whimsical adventure of love, laughter, and epic battles.

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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off with Mary Elizabeth Winstead follows the journey of Scott Pilgrim as he embarks on a new adventure filled with action, comedy, and romance. Set in a visually stunning world, the show explores themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery as Scott fights against formidable foes to win the heart of his beloved. With a mix of vibrant visuals, witty humor, and captivating performances, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is a delightful blend of nostalgia and modern storytelling that will leave viewers entertained and enamored with its unique charm.


  • Michael Cera

    Michael Cera

    Scott Pilgrim (voice)

  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead

    Ramona Flowers (voice)

  • Satya Bhabha

    Satya Bhabha

    Matthew Patel (voice)

  • Kieran Culkin

    Kieran Culkin

    Wallace Wells (voice)

  • Chris Evans

    Chris Evans

    Lucas Lee (voice)

  • Anna Kendrick

    Anna Kendrick

    Stacey Pilgrim (voice)


Scott Pilgrim Takes Off has received high acclaim from critics and audiences alike. Rotten Tomatoes praises the show for its innovative storytelling and captivating performances, giving it a rating of 9/10. IMDb hails it as a 'must-watch series' with a user score of 8.5/10. Metacritic describes it as 'a visual treat' with a metascore of 85. The Guardian lauds the show for its fresh take on the beloved character and its seamless blend of humor and heart. Entertainment Weekly applauds Mary Elizabeth Winstead's portrayal of her character, noting her natural charisma and on-screen chemistry with the cast. Overall, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off delivers a compelling narrative and engaging characters that will leave audiences wanting more.

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