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Set approximately 200 years before the events of 'Star Wars: Episode I โ€“ The Phantom Menace,' 'The Acolyte' delves deep into the darker side of the Force. The series follows the story of a former padawan who reunites with her Jedi Master to investigate a string of mysterious crimes. As they delve further into the investigation, they uncover sinister secrets and begin to see how the dark side's influence is growing within the Galactic Republic. With Amandla Stenberg taking on the lead role, 'The Acolyte' promises a thrilling exploration of the complexities and allure of the dark side. Created by Leslye Headland, this Disney+ series intertwines suspense, intrigue, and Star Wars lore in an unprecedented narrative.


  • Amandla Stenberg

    Amandla Stenberg

    Mae-ho 'Mae' Aniseya / Verosha 'Osha' Aniseya

  • Lee Jung-jae

    Lee Jung-jae

    Master Sol


The Acolyte has drawn a mixed reception from critics and fans alike. Currently, it has a modest rating of 3.5/10 on IMDb, reflecting the divided opinions on the show. Critics from prominent media outlets have voiced their views. Rotten Tomatoes has demonstrated a broader appreciation with a 'Fresh' rating, pointing to some redeeming qualities of the series. One critic from GameSpot mentions, 'The Acolyte offers a unique take on the Star Wars universe, emphasizing the grim and shadowy corners of the lore.' However, The Guardian offers a more lukewarm reaction, stating, 'While the concept is innovative, the execution falls flat in several episodes, making it a struggle to stay engaged.' Furthermore, a Metacritic score mirrors the mixed reactions with an average rating around 45%, indicating that while there are elements that shine, the series struggles with pacing and character development. Fans on social media platforms have echoed these sentiments, praising the atmospheric tone and action scenes, but critiquing the plot's coherence and depth.

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