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The Black Book, a captivating thriller released in 2023, follows the story of a seasoned detective, played by Richard Mofe-Damijo, as he dives into a complex murder case with unexpected twists and turns. Set in a gritty urban landscape, the detective must unravel a web of deceit and betrayal while confronting his own inner demons. With a gripping narrative woven with suspense and intrigue, The Black Book delves deep into the dark side of human nature, testing the boundaries of justice and morality. As the detective races against time to solve the mystery, he faces challenges that push him to the edge, leading to a surprising climax that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.


  • Richard Mofe-Damijo

    Richard Mofe-Damijo

    Paul Edima

  • Ade Laoye

    Ade Laoye

    Vic Kalu

  • Sam Dede

    Sam Dede


  • Alex Usifo Omiagbo

    Alex Usifo Omiagbo

    General Isa

  • Shaffy Bello

    Shaffy Bello

    Big Daddy

  • Kelechi Udegbe

    Kelechi Udegbe

    Officer Abayomi


The Black Book has garnered mixed reviews from critics, with some praising its intense atmosphere and engaging performances while others critique its pacing and predictability. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a modest 5.5/10 rating, noting that the film excels in building tension but falls short in delivering a satisfying resolution. IMDb users rated it 5.2/10, with some viewers appreciating the nuanced portrayal of the protagonist by Richard Mofe-Damijo, while others felt the plot lacked originality. Metacritic offers a more balanced perspective, highlighting the film's strong visual style and thought-provoking themes despite some inconsistencies in the storytelling. Overall, The Black Book offers a compelling viewing experience for fans of the genre, blending elements of noir with contemporary crime drama.

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