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Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear anger.

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The Boys is a gripping and gritty TV show that takes a dark and satirical look at the superhero genre. Set in a world where superheroes abuse their powers and fame, a group of vigilantes known as 'The Boys' comes together to take them down. Led by Karl Urban's character, Billy Butcher, the team navigates through corruption, betrayal, and moral dilemmas, delivering a thrilling mix of action, drama, and humor. As the story unfolds, viewers are drawn into a complex narrative filled with twists and turns, revealing the darker side of heroism and the consequences of unchecked power.


  • Karl Urban

    Karl Urban

    Billy Butcher

  • Jack Quaid

    Jack Quaid

    Hugh 'Hughie' Campbell

  • Antony Starr

    Antony Starr

    John / Homelander

  • Erin Moriarty

    Erin Moriarty

    Annie January / Starlight

  • Jessie T. Usher

    Jessie T. Usher

    Reggie Franklin / A-Train

  • Laz Alonso

    Laz Alonso

    Marvin T. 'Mother's Milk' Milk / M.M.


The Boys has received widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike. Rotten Tomatoes praises the show's bold storytelling, calling it 'a wickedly dark, subversive take on the superhero genre.' The Guardian hails the performances, particularly Karl Urban's portrayal of Billy Butcher, as 'outstanding.' IMDb users have rated The Boys an impressive 8.7/10, citing its unpredictable plot and strong character development. Metacritic has lauded the series for its sharp writing and provocative themes, with one reviewer describing it as 'a breath of fresh air in a crowded genre.' The Hollywood Reporter applauds the show for its brilliant blend of action and social commentary, labeling it 'a must-watch for fans of superhero tales.' Overall, The Boys has garnered praise for its originality, edgy tone, and compelling narrative.

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