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The Curse is a gripping psychological thriller series starring Emma Stone that delves into the dark mystery surrounding a small town's curse. As she navigates through the town's secrets and supernatural occurrences, Emma Stone's character unravels a web of lies and deceit that threatens the very fabric of the community. With skilled storytelling and intense performances, The Curse keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they unravel the chilling truth behind the curse and its consequences. The show's atmospheric setting, complex characters, and unexpected twists make it a must-watch thriller for fans of the genre.


  • Emma Stone

    Emma Stone

    Whitney Siegel

  • Nathan Fielder

    Nathan Fielder

    Asher Siegel

  • Benny Safdie

    Benny Safdie

    Dougie Schecter


The Curse has received widespread critical acclaim for its unique storytelling and stellar performances, particularly from lead actress Emma Stone. 'Rotten Tomatoes' praises the show for its ability to keep viewers guessing with its suspenseful plot twists and intricate character development, earning an impressive rating of 9/10. 'IMDb' users laud the series for its captivating storyline and haunting atmosphere, giving it a solid 8.5/10. 'Metacritic' hails The Curse as a standout psychological thriller with phenomenal acting and a compelling narrative, garnering a remarkable score of 85/100. Overall, critics and viewers alike are captivated by The Curse's compelling blend of mystery, suspense, and supernatural elements.

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