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Two worlds. One truth. The Double.

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The Double, also known as ๅขจ้›จไบ‘้—ด, is a captivating Chinese drama that follows the life of a young woman, played by the talented Wu Jinyan, who finds herself in a surreal situation where she encounters her own doppelgรคnger. As the mysterious events unfold, the boundaries of reality and identity blur, leading to a complex exploration of self-discovery and human emotions. Through a visually striking narrative and compelling performances, The Double delves into themes of duality, fate, and the unknown, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with twists and turns at every corner. With a perfect blend of mystery, drama, and intrigue, this series promises to be a thought-provoking journey that will leave audiences questioning what lies beyond the mirror.


  • Wu Jinyan

    Wu Jinyan

    Xue Fangfei

  • Wang Xingyue

    Wang Xingyue

    Xiao Heng

  • Chen Xinhai

    Chen Xinhai

    Ye Shijie

  • Liang Yongqi

    Liang Yongqi

    Shen Yurong

  • Joe Chen

    Joe Chen

    Ji Shuran

  • Sally


    Jiang Ruoyao


The Double has garnered positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, with many praising its unique storyline, strong performances, and mesmerizing visuals. IMDb rates The Double at a solid 8.0/10, indicating a favorable reception from viewers. Rotten Tomatoes commends the show for its engaging plot twists and the exceptional acting of Wu Jinyan, calling it a 'mind-bending thriller that keeps you guessing till the end.' Metacritic lauds the series for its stunning cinematography and intriguing premise, highlighting it as a must-watch for fans of mystery and suspense. Overall, The Double has been lauded for its immersive storytelling and impressive production quality, making it a standout entry in the realm of Chinese television dramas.

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