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Growing up different, one genius step at a time.

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Young Sheldon follows the childhood of a young Sheldon Cooper, a gifted but socially awkward boy living in East Texas. Set in 1989, the show explores Sheldon's early years attending high school as a child prodigy and dealing with the challenges of fitting in with his family and peers. With a unique blend of humor and heart, viewers get a deeper insight into the origins of the beloved character from The Big Bang Theory. As Sheldon navigates the complexities of adolescence while his family tries to understand and support his exceptional mind, Young Sheldon offers a delightful and poignant look at growing up different in a conventional world.


  • Iain Armitage

    Iain Armitage

    Sheldon Cooper

  • Lance Barber

    Lance Barber

    George Cooper

  • Montana Jordan

    Montana Jordan

    Georgie Cooper

  • Raegan Revord

    Raegan Revord

    Missy Cooper

  • Annie Potts

    Annie Potts

    Connie Tucker

  • Emily Osment

    Emily Osment

    Mandy McAllister


Young Sheldon has received critical acclaim for its charming portrayal of a young Sheldon Cooper. The show has been praised for its clever writing, strong performances, and nostalgic 80s setting. The Hollywood Reporter described it as 'a tender family sitcom that strikes just the right chord,' while Variety commended Iain Armitage's portrayal of the titular character, calling him 'deftly convincing.' The Washington Post lauded the show's ability to balance humor with genuine emotion, stating that 'Young Sheldon is a sweet, funny and fundamentally human story.' Overall, the series has garnered positive reviews for its fresh take on the beloved character and its ability to resonate with both old and new fans of The Big Bang Theory.

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